London College of Fashion


Brand Identity,
Exhibition Design

Title : Dress for Out Time, Kings Cross

Year : 2015

Client : London College of Fashion

Services : Brand Identity,
Exhibition Design

Dress For Our Time, by artist and designer Helen Storey, is a public art installation project that uses the power of fashion, science and wonder to communicate some of the world’s most complex issues of our time.

The dress itself is made from a tent (which is no longer in useable condition), gifted to the project by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In giving the tent a second life, it gives this public art installation an unbreakable bond to humanity and represents the importance of nurturing and protecting all people and safeguarding generations to come. As the gateway to Paris – the city hosting the United Nations Climate Change conference COP 21 – many of the delegates that passed through the station came face to face with the world’s first digital couture dress dedicated to exploring climate change and its human impact.

‘By interpreting the station’s setting as a conceptual border between Britain and France, Nikos Georgopoulos created a polyglot responsive identity that reads the name of the project in English, French and Chinese referencing boarder crossing signs.’
–Art Directors’ Club Journal